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Illogan Woods (July 2014 investigation) Images
Illogan Woods is located between Portreath and Illogan in Cornwall. We investigated this due to experiences we had some time ago. There has also been unreported sightings of a man in military clothing emerging from the woods and then disappearing. Up to now on previous investigations, we have found no paranormal actvity but this all changed when we recently visited the Woods in April 2016.

We caught lots of activity and will be updating this page gradually.
This EVP is really creepy and very clear. You can clearly hear a voice coming over and saying 'i Do' when Mickie is asking Steve about the eyes in the woods. Take a listen!! This one gave us goosebumps!
This is footage we identified in the analysis of something flying extremely fast past our camera. At first we thought it might be a bat but having slowed the footage down, it looks to us to be a stone that is turning as it flies then hits the water. There is a 'plop' sound of it hitting the water if you turn the volume up. We are not  the Most Haunted crew! We would not fake any evidence as this would be wasting our time (and frankly we could do a better job at faking!) I can assure you, not one of us threw that stone.  Take a look.
This spirit box response was very personal, calling out our investigator's name 'Mickie'. It follows with another response when asked if it said his name with another word sound like 'Mike or Mikey'  ... take a listen and let us know what you think by tweeting us @para_hysteria
This was another intelligent respose from the spirit box. You can clearly hear the words 'Thank You' when Mickie says we do not mean them any harm  ... take a listen and let us know what you think by tweeting us @para_hysteria
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