Team Statement
Paranormal Hysteria is seeking the truth in all that is Paranormal. We only share information which we feel is of interest to the paranormal enthusiast. We are a small group made up of family members and as such, have total trust in each other. It should be noted that we tend to debunk most things we identify. We are fully insured for our investigations and would love to hear from you if you have a paranormal issue you would like investigated.
Mickie - Lead Investigator (Team Leader & Equipment Mods)

Co-founder of Paranormal Hysteria, I have really wanted to create a team for some years and having had quite a few experiences in my life, investigating the paranormal excites me. We do not need to throw stones and every noise we hear, you hear too. We are only looking for the truth regarding the paranormal.
Jetty - Investigator (Twitter and Website admin)

Co-founder of paranormal Hysteria, I am a believer in the paranormal and enjoy all of our ghost hunts, I am probably the most wary of the team and for that reason, lone vigils are not an option! I believe the problem with non believers is that many think we are simply looking for the afterlife ... the Paranormal is a world of energies and mysteries and not always about ghosts!
Stevie - Investigator  (Tech Manager & Video Editor)

I am sceptical regarding paranormal events and I joined this team to seek out for myself the facts from the fiction. Despite this, I enjoy the hunt and using the equipment available.
Ben - Investigator (Audio & EVP Analyst)

I am interested in the paranormal to either or prove or disprove the existence of paranormal activity. I am a dedicated paranormal hunter who wants to prove it for myself rather than watch it on the television.
Ned - Ghostbuster

Ned is our resident ghostbuster and has been pictured jumping up at an orb! He
can be mischievious but is fun to have along on our ghost hunts.
Team Photo taken at Clevedon Pier - 15th August 2015
Ridge (Research and Admin)

Ridge is our newest member and is going to take over some admin tasks. She is unable to join us on hunts due to commitments but we could definately use an extra set of hands with some of the data.
There are 100's of Paranormal teams out there with different opinions from the likes of Orbs and their explanation to recorded history within stone. We have an open mind to everything and whilst some orbs will no doubt be down to dust and bugs ... we have seen some which simply do not fall into them categories and to us ... unexplained.
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