Paranormal Hysteria - Clevedon Pier
Clevedon Pier
Paranormal Hysteria given Full Access and locked in at Clevedon Pier for one night to investgate reports back in 2012 of Ghost sightings. It is an absolutley beautiful Pier and honored to be given a chance to carry out a night investigation.

Inspired by Ghost sightings and media reports such as this one

Our thanks goes to Peter and Susan Cawley & the Clevedon Pier & Heritage Trust for allowing this to take place.
Having now gone through the data collected at Clevedon Pier, we were unable to capture much evidence but need to note that there was an abnormal energy along the Pier towards the shoreline, we have not been able to explain this and it is close to where they are currently doing renevation works.

We also did capture a light anomoly which can be seen below ...
Do we believe Clevedon Pier is haunted ??? The opinion amongst the team is yes it is but would require further investigation to clarify some of the areas which were picked up on during the analysis.
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