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Below are some the items we use during our investigations. We are constantly researching and deciding on what pieces of kit we should invest in but investigating the paranormal can be an expensive hobby and in honesty, having a truck load of kit may not  increase your chances of capturing anything, it will be more down to being in the right place at the right time.
We currently have 4 Sony Camcorders which have been modified to Full Spectrum. These are generally setup as static units which we prefer rather than roaming with them. Additionally we have a Sony Super Nightshot DVD Cam which is useful for Photos and short Video clips

Full We have not used this much yet as it is a fairly recent addition to our kit but definately a must have.
PSB-7 Spirit Box

These provide a white noise to which spirits are able to utilise. They perform a sweep across AM or FM channels so that any words or sentances cannot be attributed to radio stations.
Sony HV5 Full Spectrum Camera

We use this a lot during our investigations. It produces stunning images through infrared light and has caught a couple of anomolies to date is an essential part of our kit.
KII Meter

We have 2 of these and they have produced some great anomalies during our investigations. We also do a baseline test with these before any investigation for things such as power cables and naturally occurring magnetic fields.
Olympus Digital Voice Recorders

We have 4 of these for capturing EVPs but do use them as much as we should. Being a small team with day jobs, going through DATA can be time consuming so these do miss out a lot on investigations. We do however realise their importance in investigations and will use them much more in the future.
Infrared Laser Temperature Gun

Very useful for baseline tests prior to investigations. On our first visit to Wychwood Forest, this identified a drop in temperature on a summer's evening from 18 degrees down to just 6 degrees in a matter of a few minutes. Very useful gadget.
Laser Grid Pen

We only used this once but on that occaision found the lights dimming constantly, useful to have but only in the right environments.
EDI Geophone & EMF Detector

This very useful device detect EMF fluctuations as well as vibrations
Action Camera setups

We have 2 converted action cameras setup with a KII detector and IR light on their own mini tripods which act as a great handle if you want to walk about with them. These cameras give us a 170 degrees wide angle view as opposed to the Sony cams which are standard viewing.
Sony Camcorder setups

2 of our Sony cams (we have 4) are setup with a IR light and ready to go out of the case. We have battery packs for the light which last for a good 3-4 hours and the extra life batteries in the camcorders give us about 9 hours of recording time. It is useful to have these ready to use
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Mel-8704R Meter

This very useful device detect EMF levels as well as temperature fluctuations. We hope to add the Mel-Rem to our kit soon.