Paranormal Hysteria - Holt Hotel (Room 3)
The Holt Hotel (Room 3)
Great picture of a lot of equipment setup as well as an orb on the door
Downstairs in lounge, Claude Duval was reported being seen sitting in this chair
A painting of the man himself in the bar area
Full Spectrum image of the room. It was difficult taking pictures due the IR lights causing glare
Inspired by the documentry with Richard Felix on the Ghosts of Oxfordshire in which he covers the Holt Hotel Haunting and room 3
These are a collection of anomalies captured during the investigation, we have found quite a lot of activity during the analysis including loud noises as well as light anomolies.
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We will be returning to the Holt Hotel with new equipment as we feel there was a lot more to get from it. This should take place in July 2016